[url=http://nationaleducationsummit.com.au/events/k-12-digital-classroom-conference/][size=200]K-12 Digital Classroom Practice Conference[/size][/url]
[size=175]1–2 September 2017[/size]

The K-12 Digital Classroom Practice Conference explores best digital classroom practice to achieve superior teaching and learning outcomes. Explore how the inspiring and judicious use of technology in the classroom can extend students, excite them, engage them and improve their learning in ways not previously possible, taking them to higher levels of learning and discovery.

[size=150][b]Program Overview[/b][/size]

Any serious consideration of what a digital classroom is will take into account the need to focus on and practice several key elements. The conference program will cover some of these key elements including:

·         How do you achieve a strong digital mindset?

·         What digital literacies are important to cultivate?

·         How do you ensure that critical technologies are accessible?

·         Are you familiar with the digital curriculum?


·         Are you experimenting with different digital environments?

·         Is your selection of resources meeting the needs of your students?

·         Are you paying enough attention to your own professional practice?

·         Is your classroom a digital classroom? Why not?

[b]Learn from your colleagues! [/b]See the amazing ways digital technology can be used in your classroom to deliver the curriculum to your students and to unlock their learning potential.

Attend this conference to explore best digital practice to achieve superior teaching and learning outcomes in the digital classroom. 

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[url=http://nationaleducationsummit.com.au/events/k-12-digital-classroom-conference/keynote-speakers-][size=175]Keynote Speakers[/size][/url]

The 2017 keynote speakers will be released closer to the date.

 2016 Speakers included:
[url=http://nationaleducationsummit.com.au/events/k-12-digital-classroom-conference/keynote-speakers-/paul-hamilton][size=150]Paul Hamilton[/size][/url]

Paul is the ‘Head of Learning Technologies’ in the Primary School at Matthew Flinders Anglican College and Founder of iPad Monthly. Renowned for his work in the effective use of the Mobile Devices, Augmented Reality and iBeacon technology, Paul is a leader and innovator in the Edtech world.

He is a best selling Author and App Developer and sought after Keynote Speaker. His Apps and iBooks have been featured on the App Store and iBook Store. Paul resides on the education advisory board to some of the most successful Apps in the world including Canva, Explain Everything and Book Creator.


Featured in 'The Age’, ’Sydney Morning Herald' and the 'Canberra Times' as a leading pioneer in the edtech field. Paul is the creator of "Edtech Synchronicity", a reflection framework for integrating tech in education. Paul is an Apple Distinguished Educator and a Finalist in both the International EdTech Digest Awards Recognition Program and EduBlogs Life Time achievement award.

[url=http://nationaleducationsummit.com.au/events/k-12-digital-classroom-conference/keynote-speakers-/zeina-chalich-][size=150]Zeina Chalich[/size][/url]

Zeina is a dynamic educator and presenter with teaching experience in primary schools and university. In her role as Leader of Learning & Innovation, Zeina leads ‘disruptive’ change in digital pedagogy and personalised Learning - creatively integrating technology and design thinking to transform learning experiences and connect communities of learners. 

In 2015, Zeina was awarded the Brother John Taylor Fellow Research Prize for her work in exploring innovative ways to develop creative thinking ina Makerspace through a STEAM curriculum (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Maths). She also won a ‘New Voice in Leadership’ Scholarship from ACEL (Australian Council for Educational Leaders) for her work in digital pedagogy, gifted education and mentoring with pre-service and beginning teachers. Zeina is a co-founder of #aussieED - Australia’s largest educational professional learning network on Twitter and is a finalist in the EduBlog 2015 Awards for the Best Individual Tweeter Category. She writes for Educational Technology Solutions magazine and has facilitated workshops at a number of edutech conferences including SXSWedu and Edutech.

Zeina Chalich